Rent Generating Real Estate Investments


REI Investments is a commercial real estate investment company founded in 2005 whose main activities are the acquisition and management of net lease tenant properties.

Our offices are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

83 years of experience

Investment focus

We acquire single assets and/or portfolios of properties, in strategic or prime urban locations. We pursue long-term or opportunistic short-term leases with market leading tenants.

We are invested in the following states: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts and Washington D.C.

We focus our investments in:

  • Distribution centers
  • Healthcare/medical facilities
  • Retail

Investment vehicles

We acquire existing assets and provide debt and equity construction for properties being developed. Since 2005 REI’s investment vehicles have been privately-held funds, partnerships and most recently, through the issuance of ETPs. We work closely with wealth managers and advisors to provide investors the most current advantageous tax structures. Our investors include family offices and high net worth individuals.


What is REI’s focus?

We acquire and manage net lease rent generating commercial properties - distribution centers, retail and medical facilities - in the USA.

What is your experience and where has REI invested?

The partners of REI started doing real estate development. And in 2005 created REI to acquire income generating properties, completing over 158 transactions in 12 states and Washington D.C.

Where are you looking to invest nowadays?

We favor southeast states (FL, AL, GA, SC, NC, VA and TX), and Colorado, Massachusetts and Washington D.C.

Do you use leverage?

Yes. Between 50% to 65% loan to cost. We have current lending relationships with several regional and multinational banks such as J P Morgan, Citibank, UBS, among others.

How long is the holding period or investment horizon?

Each investment vehicle is tailored with an exit strategy in mind that may vary. Our most common investment holding period is 5 years.

How often do I receive money?

The investors receive payment every quarter.

What returns could I expect?

During the last 5 years we have made quarterly payments to investors between 6.5% and 7.5% yearly.

What are the risks?

While real estate investing might be safer than other class of investments it does not come without risk. Some of the most common risks are: market risk, tenant bankruptcies, and liquidity risk.

Have you invested in added-value opportunities?

Yes. We have acquired notes, buildings in foreclosure, vacant buildings, fractured subdivisions, and land for rezoning. These are usually high-risk high reward investments and are done cash. Each opportunity is presented in a detailed investment Offering.


Pablo Lupinacci

Director and Founder of REI Investments, Pablo has 21 years of commercial real estate experience including acquisitions, development, brokerage, financing, leasing and capital-raising. He has completed approximately 700 millions in closings in more than one hundred thirty transactions. He is responsible for sourcing deals and works closely with developers, lenders, financial planners and real estate brokers to identify prospective investment opportunities. Before his real estate career, Pablo worked at a law firm and then in banking finance. Pablo has a Law degree and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development.

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Henry (Hank) Marks

Serving as Managing Director for REI Investments, Hank is responsible for all aspects of due diligence, closing the acquisitions and supervising management. He is a highly-experienced real estate professional with a background in almost all aspects of the industry with 35-year of experience. For more than 20 years, Hank has occupied various position from Controller to CFO in large public and private companies, in Chicago, Dallas and Miami. Henry is a Certified Public Accountant.

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Federico Grillo

Responsible for structuring overall investment product and investor relations for REI Investments, Federico comes from a strong financial investments background, with more than 25 years of experience. He served as Founder and Managing Partner of Pacific Capital Partners, an investment advisory, for 12 years. Prior, Federico was with Lehman Brothers in various positions in Latin America and New York for 10 years. He is a licensed Economist.

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